Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm Back

Well. I've been MIA pretty much since I started my Pastries I class. Pastries class was a big monster that swallowed me whole. I could easily list a myriad of reasons why this particular class had its way with me. But I'll save you from that. Because as of Friday morning, Pastries I is over. (Insert various screams of joy here.)

Not only did pastries rule my life this month, but on a much happier note, March is birthday month here at our house. So in addition to pastries hell, we did partake of our share of celebrations. And of course, there was my trip to Italy at the beginning of the month. Sigh. I'll be filing my Italy report next week.

First though, here are some photos that I neglected to post last month...some tasty treats I made in baking class.